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インド: 10代の少年をレイプした罪で有罪判決を受けたトランスジェンダーの男性が女性刑務所に収監される。 reduxx 2023/2/16

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インド: 10代の少年をレイプした罪で有罪判決を受けたトランスジェンダーの男性が女性刑務所に収監される。
INDIA: Trans-Identified Male Held In Women’s Prison After Being Convicted Of Raping Teen Boy

reduxx 2023/2/16

A male who identifies as a “woman” has been convicted in relation to the 2016 rape of a teenage boy in the Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram.

Sachu Samson, 34, has been found guilty of raping a 16-year-old boy nearly seven years after the incident took place on February 23, 2016. Samson was handed a seven-year prison sentence and 25,000 Rupee (approx. $300 USD) fine for the crime by the Fast Track Special Court of Kerala. The fine is set to be paid as compensation directly to the victim, and Samson risks an additional year in prison if he defaults.

2月7日の審問で検察側は、レイプが駅の公衆トイレで行われたことを伝えた。被害者は、サムソンに脅され、無理やり閉所へ連れ込まれたと証言した。その後、少年は "不自然なセクハラ "と表現されるようなことをされた。サムソンは、この試練の間のある時点で少年の電話番号を入手し、レイプの後も何度も連絡を取り、2人が再び会うことを要求してきたという。
During a hearing on February 7, prosecution told the court that the rape had taken place in a public restroom at a train station. The victim testified that Samson had threatened him and forced him into the closed area. The boy was then subjected to what was described as “unnatural sexual harassment.” Samson obtained the boy’s phone number at some point during the ordeal and contacted him repeatedly following the rape, demanding that the two meet again.

「拷問するぞ」と脅されながら、被害者は家族にそのことを告げなかった。サムソンによる少年への嫌がらせが発覚したのは、ティーンエイジャーの母親が息子の奇妙な行動に気付き始めてからである。検察側は、母親が "子供が常に携帯電話でメッセージを送っていること、子供がしばしば恐怖を感じていることに気づいていた "と指摘した。
Under threat of “torture,” the victim did not inform his family of his ordeal. It was not until the teen’s mother began to notice her son acting strangely that Samson’s harassment of the boy was uncovered. The prosecution noted that the mother had “noticed that [her] child was constantly sending messages on the phone, and that the child was often afraid.”

Even after the teen attempted to block his assailant, Samson continued to find means of contacting him through social media. Eventually, the boy’s mother uncovered the Facebook messages Samson had sent to her son and contacted local police to file a report. Police worked with her successfully to “set a trap,” prompting the mother to message Samson and agree to another meeting, which led to his arrest.

サムソンの弁護側は、彼が現在 "Shefina "として知られ、"性別を肯定する医療処置 "を受けたと主張し、彼の「トランスジェンダー」としてのアイデンティティを利用して、彼の無実を主張しようとしたと伝えられていた。サムソンの "性別を肯定する医療介入 "を証明するものとして、診断書が使われた。
Samson’s legal defense had reportedly attempted to use his “transgender” identity to argue his innocence, claiming he was now known as “Shefina” and had undergone “gender affirming medical procedures.” A medical certificate was used as evidence of Samson’s “Gender Affirmative Medical Intervention.”

反対尋問で被害者は、サムソンの容姿や名前は現在変わっているが、暴行を加えたのはサムソンであり、"当時は男性であった "と述べた。
During cross-examination, the victim stated that while Samson’s appearance and name have now changed, he was still the one who assaulted him and had been “a male person at the time.”

One doctor who stood as a witness confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest that Samson’s “gender identity” would have deemed him incapable of committing the sex crime against the minor. The court took the victim and doctor’s statements into consideration when rejecting the defense’s argument that Samson “had been a trans woman all along,” and couldn’t have committed the rape.

インドの法律ニュース「Bar and Bench」によると、サムソンは「トランスジェンダーの受刑者のための特別な刑務所」に移送されるまで女性刑務所に拘留されるとのことです。
Samson will be detained in a women’s prison until transferred to a “special jail for transgender convicts,” according to Indian legal news outlet, Bar and Bench.

The Director of General Police was told by the Kerala court to make special arrangements for Samson, now referred to as “Shefina,” to safeguard “the dignity and honor of the accused… while she [sic] is detained at the women’s prison.”

The region of Kerala, where the assault was committed, is known as being one of the most “transgender-friendly” places in India.

この事件を取り上げたインドのメディアは、レイプ犯を "女性 "あるいは "トランス女性 "と呼び、主に「she/her」の代名詞を利用している。
Indian media covering the case have largely utilized “she/her” pronouns to refer to the rapist, referring to him as a “woman” or “trans woman.”

独立系映画監督、作家、女性の権利活動家であるVaishnavi Sundarは、この不正確な報道に対し、Bar and Benchがジェンダーイデオロギーに「屈服」していると書き、「常に男性のことを女性の代名詞で呼びかける」ことに批判を向けました。
Vaishnavi Sundar, an independent filmmaker, writer, and women’s rights activist, responded to the inaccurate reporting and directed pointed criticism at Bar and Bench, writing that they were “capitulating” to gender ideology “by constantly addressing a male with female pronouns.”

Regarding the conviction of Sachu Samson, Sundar noted that the Judge’s order for the police to safeguard the “dignity and honor” of Samson while he is detained in a women’s prison meant disregarding female prisoners’ same dignity and honor. Sundar shared that female prisoners “are 20 times more likely to die by suicide and suffer with suicidal tendencies than women of the same age in the general population.”

In addition to her independent work, Sundar is also the Indian contact for Women’s Declaration International, a global organization of volunteers dedicated to defending women and girls’ sex-based rights.

2022年4月、スンダルは、デリー高等裁判所が、パスポートの性別表示を変更するための「自己同一性」条件を実施する命令を下したことを取材しました。この判決は、個人が異性として識別するために医療介入を必要としないこと、法的文書を変更することを公式に定めたものです。裁判所は、"移行を反映するための外科的処置を受けることに関して、不必要であり、個人の選択を侵害する "とした。
In April 2022, Sundar covered the Delhi High Court’s passing of an order to implement “self-identification” terms for changing sex markers on passports. The ruling officially decreed that no medical intervention would be required for an individual to identify as the opposite sex, or change their legal documents. The Court called it “unnecessary and violative of the choice of the individual with respect to undergoing a surgical procedure to reflect the transition.”










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